Principal Investigator

  • Associate Professor of Statistics​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    Research Interests: Spatio-temporal statistics with environmental applications , Computational methods for large datasets, Uncertainty quantification and visualization, Functional data analysis, Robust statistics, Statistics of extremes

PhD Students

  • M.S. in Statistics, 2016, IIT Kanpur​​​, India
  • M.S. in Statistics, 2016, Hindu College, University of Delhi​​, India
  • Ph.D. in Statistics, 2017, KAUST, KSA
    First Position: Postdoc in Statistical and Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), USA
  • ​M.S. in Statistics, 2015, Michigan State University​, USA
  • ​M.S. in Statistics, 2015, University of California at Irvine​​, USA

Masters Students

  • M.S. in Statistics, 2016, KAUST, KSA
    First Position: Ph.D. student, University of California at Santa Cruz, USA
  • ​M.S. in Statistics, 2016, KAUST, KSA
    First Position: Research Engineer in SABIC​​​, KSA
  • B.S. in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 2017, Stony Brook University, USA​

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Ph.D. in Probability and Statistics, 2016, Center for Research in Mathematics (CIMAT), Mexico
  • Ph.D. in Systems Optimization and Dependability, 2010, University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), France
  • Ph.D. in Statistics, 2017, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • ​Ph.D. in Statistics, 2017, Fudan University, China​​